Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Heartfelt Letter to my Family . . .

My Darlings:

As I'm sure you all have noticed, lately Mommy/Wifey-poo has been in quite a mood lately. The stress of the holidays coming upon us is putting its toll on me, for sure. That being said, something else has been bothering me (as it has probably bothered you). The condition of our house. It feels that every time I clean your messes, you are right behind me leaving another one. This has put undue stress on me that you would not believe.

Therefore, I have devised a plan that will alleviate that stress. 

I will no longer be picking up your messes. 

Don't worry, I'll pick up after myself, and I will still cook meals. I will also do laundry, dust, scrub toilets . . . that sort of thing. But I will no longer be picking up the messes you all make around me.

That means you will have to pick up after yourselves from now on.  I hope you can handle that.

There are also a few rules that will have to go along with this new revelation.

First, if it's not in the dishwasher when I run it, it will probably not be clean.
Second, if it's not in the hamper, then it will probably not get clean.
Third, if it's blocking my way to doing my job, it will probably be hidden somewhere that you might not find it. . . like the trash can.
Fourth, you each have your own chores. Please do them as soon as they need to be done. I cannot do MY job, if YOU do not do YOUR job. 

Effective immediately. Thanks for your understanding.

With much love and affection:

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